Food trucks are becoming a very popular alternative to traditional catering at many different events. From weekly markets to corporate events, parties and weddings. Food trucks are becoming the preferred option due to the unique element that they bring to the event. They are fun, stylish and gives you a chance to choose the cuisine and menu that best fits your attendees. As a food truck vendor, it can be difficult to find your customers and for them to find you. That is why Food Trucks 2 U is here. We are here to help make the process easier for everyone and help you to secure bookings without too much stress and hassle. But what is Food Trucks 2 U?


Who are Food Trucks 2 U?

Food Trucks 2 U is an online directory that makes searching for a food truck in your local area quick and easy. It gives customers a quick and simple list of the food trucks in their area that may be available for the event date and time.

Customers are able to search via area and also via the cuisine that they are looking for.

For the food truck vendors, it is a simple way to get your business online and seen by your target market with a few clicks.


Why should I list with Food Trucks 2 U?

Marketing online can be difficult to navigate. There are many different avenues to cover and it can become stressful ensuring that you are covering them and also doing it correctly. Social media, Google, keywords and your website are all great additions to your online marketing. By joining the directory you are taking that extra step and giving your business a chance at greater exposure.

The Food Trucks 2 U directory is available all over Australia and it means that you can build your business and increase your enquiries without having to do too much work.


We have completed hundreds of bookings for major corporates and retailers all over the country. 


What if there is already a similar business listed?

Just because there is a similar business on the directory, that doesn’t mean you should be turned off listing with us. Many food truck vendors start their business because it is something close to their heart. Food from their homeland and childhood. A type of food that they love and want to be able to share with others. Because of this, each and every food truck is unique and different. So even if there is another food truck offering similar foods or drinks to you, they may not do it in the same way. There may be differences in the menu that keep you apart. They may also be interested in attending different events. It could be that they want to stick to smaller events, whilst you would like to book the bigger events.

It is really unlikely that two vendors of the same food is available for the same event date and many food trucks cater to different audiences. We are always happy to discuss this with you if it is a concern. 



How do people contact me?

There are two opportunities for organisers to contact you:
1. Finding you in the directory 

All your contact details are posted in the directory so an event organiser can look up food trucks by location or by cuisine and find the perfect match for their event. 

The important key in this is that you ask your potential bookings where they found you. This is extremely helpful.  


2. Through event leads

When an enquiry comes through the directory for an event, we take the time to get all the information needed before we contact you.

We know that your time is valuable, so we want to ensure that we are only sending you leads that are a high chance of converting.

Once we have all the necessary information such as the event time and date, the number of attendees and their budget, we then get in contact with you to provide a quote if it is a private event. If it is an event where the attendees are paying then we need to know if you are available or not.

From here, if the quote is accepted than you are able to discuss the finer details with the event organiser.

Joining Food Trucks 2 U can be a huge benefit to your business. It gives you instant exposure, a platform to showcase your business and a chance to grow.

Let us help you bring in more leads and convert them to booked events.

Jess Byrnes
Author: Jess Byrnes