How to help Volunteers on the P&C find Food Trucks

Fundraising is a great way for schools to raise funds for various activities, new equipment and resources for the school. Many schools have a P&C committee who is there to assist with the fundraising and upkeep of activities for the school. Common fundraisers are market days and community events where you require food trucks. 


Fairs and Fetes

Many schools will have a fair or fete throughout the year or at the end of the year to celebrate the achievements of the students. As a food truck, offering to attend the events is a year way to not only support the school but to also get your name out there and seen my hundreds of people in the one place.

As a volunteer on the P&C, you have enough to do! Coordinating food trucks can be alot of work which is where Food Trucks 2 U comes in handy. 

We will save you time

You don’t need to go back and forth with 40 different food vendors, we do it for you. We will reach out to our database and find vendors for you. 


Provide a variety of food vendors

For a fete or fair we can look into a few different options such as a sweet vendor, savoury vendors and coffee vans as well! 

The amount of food trucks you have will depend on a number of factors such as:

– how many people will be in attendance 

– the time frame of the event

– what other food offerings you have


Most food trucks will not attend if you have a sausage sizzle.

Whilst we understand that sausage sizzles are a great way to raise money, you can often negotiation a % or amount with a food truck to receive a donation rather than have a sausage sizzle. 
Unfortunately, when there is a sausage sizzle offered, the food trucks serve as many customers and often it means that they lose money on the day.  


If it sounds like we can help you find a few food trucks for your event, complete the form and we will get straight onto it for you!

Jess Byrnes
Author: Jess Byrnes