How To Make Your Listing Stand Out

Being online is a great way to be seen by those looking for your services. But adding your name to a directory isn’t enough. You need to ensure that you are maximising your exposure by giving people as much information as possible.

Your online listing for your Basic Membership (at a minimum) is your showcase to be found by event organisers! It is a way for them to see who you are, what you have to offer and how you can be the solution to their problem.

With a basic directory listing your contact details are shown so you can receive the enquiries directly. This is one of the reasons it is important to understand where people are finding you. 

There are some really simple but effective things you should have to increase your credibility which in turn will support your listing and increase your searchability and conversion as people are looking for your food truck for an event. 

1. Geographical Areas You Service  – Make it easy for those in your area to find you, by adding your service locations. 

2. Events You Would Prefer to Do  – Not all events may appeal to you. Which is why it is important to let people know this quickly and easily. To save everyone time.

3. Who you cater for – Are your meals gluten free, vegetarian, vegan friendly? It doesn’t matter if they aren’t but these are important things to list as it also will help the SEO results. It means that if an event organiser is looking for a food truck that caters to these dietary needs, your details will come up easier for them. 

4. Tell your story – Don’t just try a hard sell. Give a description of your business, what made you start it and a little about yourself. Things like how long you have been in business and the events you really enjoy.

5. Types of events you have catered for in the past – Showing your experience will help those who are looking to be more confident in using your services. 

6. Good Quality Images of your set up – It doesn’t matter if you have a marquee or a food van – presenting your equipment can play a big role when someone is deciding to contact you. 

Your directory listing is a direct contact between you and the event organisers. 

It is a quick and easy way for them to see who you are and what you have to offer. 

By taking the time to edit and update your listing with all the relevant information it means that your listing is more likely to stand out and reach more people. 

Jess Byrnes
Author: Jess Byrnes